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Winard Harper Sextet

February 12. 2006
January 19 and September 14, 2003

Winard Harper - Drums, Josh Evans- Trumpet, Lawrence Clark- Sax, Ameen Saleem - Bass, T.W. Sample - Piano, and
Alloun Faye - Percussion

Josh Evans, Alloun Faye, Betty Hoover, Winard Harper, Ameen Saleem, Lawrence Clark, and T.W. Sample Winard Harper and Ameen Saleem
WinardHarper Winard Harper Winard Harper
Alloun Faye, Ameen Saleem, Lawrence Clark, and Josh Evans T.W. Sample, Alloun Faye, Ameen Saleem, Winard Harper, and Lawrence Clark
T.W. Sample T.W. Sample
Alloun Faye Ameen Saleem Alloun Faye
Josh Evans T.W. Sample T.W. Sample
Photos by Acel Troutman (The Jazz Fisherman)

January 19. 2003 and September 14, 2003
Winard Harper - Drums, Patrick Rickman - Trumpet, Brian Horton - Tenor Sax, Ameen Saleem - Bass, Kelvin Sholnar-Piano, and Derf - Percussion

Winard Harper SextetWinard Harper Sextet
Winard Harper Sextet

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